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    Finding the Right Fit College

    1 Minute Read
    Danielle & Adam (Marriage & Martinis)|

    After recently completing the college admissions process with their oldest child, Adam and Danielle knew they wanted to do a series of episodes for parents who might be anticipating or already immersed in the process. They asked their friend and seasoned admissions consultant, Peter Tilles, to sit down and answer their (and your) questions concerning all things college related. They also knew, however, that they wanted this series to be different than other podcasts that center on higher education in the fact that they want to emphasize the idea of "finding the right fit school" for each unique child.

    Topics discussed in this episode:

    • How early do parents really need to start thinking about the process, and on what level?
    • What to do if your child has absolutely no idea what kind of college they want and need?
    • How many schools do you really need to go visit?
    • Are students who don't know what they want to study at a disadvantage when applying?
    • Why it's as (if not more) important to consider at which school our kids will want to STAY, not just get in to.
    • How do we prepare our kids for the college admissions process without making it overwhelming?

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