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    Counselor on Retainer

    Every child has significant potential!

    When it comes to your child's future college admission, we believe that every student has significant potential that can be enhanced by developing critical skills while building the right foundational habits.

    We're here to help unlock that potential!


    Our team understands that as parents, you want your children to grow up to be successful in every aspect of their lives and that includes their education. Many parents of students in elementary and middle school are anxious about how to guide their children when it comes to building a strong foundation for success in high school, college and beyond. We are here to help!
    Although it may feel premature (and maybe a little overwhelming) to start thinking about college when your child is still in elementary or middle school, it's important to realize that it's not too soon to begin helping your student prepare for college.

    How Will Princeton College Consulting Help?

    1-on-1 Dedicated Relationship with Counselor

    While it is too soon to begin meeting directly with your student, our experienced counselors are available to be your "Counselor on Retainer". You'll have access to a dedicated admissions counselor who will be available to you throughout the year(s) as questions arise.

    We meet around your schedule, after school, in the evening, or on weekends.

    Student Self-Development

    After an initial understanding of your goals, we will explain what colleges are looking for in their candidates and how to best prepare your child for their future college admissions process. We work with you to develop the structure and strong foundation that will be part of their success even after college.

    Extracurricular / Summer Enrichment Guidance

    We provide guidance on pursuing an integrated combination of in- and out-of-school activities (school clubs, independent reading, summer programs, self-directed activities, athletics etc.) and how to make your experiences distinct and most impactful.

    Interests and Passion Exploration

    We help you, as parents, to guide your child to explore different interests and how to begin thinking about what may become a passion.

    My daughter and we are really enjoying working with PCC and she is making great progress on her applications. Her counselor is the perfect fit for her and she has already grown so much working with him and going through this process.

    Nikki D., Parent

    Accepted to The Peddie School, Armellino Scholarship

    This year I was applying to boarding schools, and I have never done anything like that before. I have been at the same school for my whole life, and knew almost nothing about the application process. My PCC Counselor was so helpful and kind during this process, and truly made it a positive experience. Interviews were something I was really worried about, but now I feel completely comfortable speaking on the spot and have improved my articulation. Looking back on this process, interviews were some of my favorite parts of the application process! This was thanks to My counselor, who helped me prepare and gave me encouraging help and resources. He not only helped me with interview practice, but also in writing my essays. He asked thoughtful questions to help me figure out the message I wanted to convey, and overall helped me organize and make my essays clearer. Besides helping me with the mechanics of my application, He also helped me with the emotional process. He is extremely caring, and has an amazing sense of humor along with many stories to tell! He helped me not lose sight of what this process was about. My counselor went above and beyond to help me not be as anxious, whether it was sending me a helpful article before I took the SSAT’s, or giving me the link to a video that got me through the interviewing stage. Looking back on this process, I truly feel that I have grown in articulation skills, confidence, and have overall become more comfortable in dealing with stress. This experience is definitely something I will remember for a long time, and that is thanks to PCC.

    J. Varma, Student

    The Peddie School

    I was a prep school applicant in eighth grade when I found Princeton College Consulting. Choosing PCC and their counselors to be my partners through the admission process was definitely the right choice for me. My counselor was always available for questions, and his crucial advice for writing essays and invaluable preparation for interviews helped me immensely. The admission essays were thoroughly examined and corrected, and my answers to sample interview questions would be well interpreted by the counselor so that he could give me the best feedback. Most importantly, he kept my goals in mind as he guided me every step of the way. With the help of PCC, my confidence grew during this grueling process, and I did much better than I thought I could do. I would certainly recommend PCC to anyone looking for success in the prep school admissions process.

    Rohan N., Student

    The Peddie School

    Every parent wants to know they are doing the right thing and investing in resources that benefit their child when it comes to education and well being. The bonus is if family support is provided during those stressful times that include high school placement and preparation for that big step in the child's life. It is with that knowledge in mind that I chose Princeton College Consulting for not only the college process but jumpstarting preparation for the long haul by utilizing PCC's high school placement program. As they say, the early bird gets the first worm! Being prepared earlier by placing into private high schools will only aid in the long term preparation for the ultimate college acceptance goal. My son's own PCC Counselor created a personalized plan with my son's needs and strengths considered, had patience in working directly with my child meeting the criteria necessary to complete the application steps and was organized throughout the process. My son ultimately succeeded in receiving his first choice of private high school acceptance with strong essay and interviewing skills among other important things. PCC gave me a tremendous amount of support throughout the progress by including me and taking so much pressure off of my hands, and my son grew and learned so much too! I am so pleased with PCC and continue to work toward my son's college goals.

    Teresa. C., Parent

    The Peddie School

    I enthusiastically recommend Princeton College Consulting, a firm with excellent counselors and consultants, for you and your child. Our counselor combines intelligence and ability with a conscientious, dedicated attitude which have made him a great partner, mentor and guide to what would have otherwise been a complex and overwhelming application and admission process. Based on his depth of experience and warm, caring persona, it is clear to me (as a parent) that our counselor possesses those attributes that make him and his clients successful with many endeavors, including prep school and college admissions. High trust, high impact. We couldn’t have done it without him!

    Suneet V., Parent

    The Peddie School (highest awarded, full-ride)

    I hear many of the things you taught her when I hear my daughter speaking with adults. I do think her time with PCC changed the way she speaks with people! I can't thank you enough for your support these past couple years. I'll be applying all I've learned here to my future medical school applications. Again, so grateful for everything you and your team have done. :)

    Ricki G., Parent

    Accepted to The Packer Collegiate Institute

    We are glad to choose Princeton College Consulting. Our counselor has been a tremendous support in the prep school admission planning process for my son. He was very diligent and resourceful in providing expert advice and guiding us every step of the way. We were able to easily reach out through emails and phone calls to clarify all our questions and concerns. He really understood our son very well and was able to assess him within a couple of sessions and advise him with the right choices. I will certainly refer PCC to all my friends without any hesitation. I will keep in touch and once again I truly appreciate your professional support and advice in guiding us through the entire process, Thank you very much.

    Subra. O., Parent

    Accepted to Solebury School

      Where Our Students Have Been Accepted

      Profile Analysis
      After fully understanding your interests and goals we do a thorough review and analysis of transcripts, standardized test scores, extra-curricular activities and personal history.
      School Search and Selection
      We identify an initial list of schools that may be a good “Match” and “Fit.” Match refers to schools that have the attributes that interest you and your family most. Fit refers to how schools will perceive your application. We help families research the individual schools, understand their main and more subtle differences and revise the list to those that are the best match and fit for them.
      Student Essay Completion Guidance
      Application essays provide an opportunity for students to highlight their character, unique perspective, academic interests and writing ability. Because each student is unique we help develop, revise and edit essays that reflect their best self, without regard to number of drafts it requires.
      Parent Essay Completion Guidance
      Parent essays provide the school with insights in to the applicant and their family. We provide an opportunity for you to review essay questions with us and discuss how responses may be best tailored in support of your child’s application. We also review drafts and may suggest edits.
      Activity Sheet Completion Guidance
      How an extra-curricular activity sheet is presented can be as important as the activities and accomplishments it lists. We advise what activities and honors to include and how to best explain them on a resume or the "Activity Sheet" portion of an application.
      Letters of Recommendation Guidance
      Letters of recommendation can further personalize an applicant. Unfortunately many letters of recommendation are unremarkable. Obtaining the most helpful letters of recommendation is more involved than just asking for them. We provide guidance on counselor, teacher and other recommender based submissions to obtain the strongest letters possible.
      Interview Preparation
      School Interviews provide an opportunity for students to strengthen and confirm their application. The interviewer’s report can function as a letter of recommendation and give admission committees another chance to know and understand an applicant. To prepare for successful interviews, we provide guidance on the types of questions to expect, how to formulate effective answers and how to ask insightful questions. We may conduct a mock interview to practice.
      Campus Visit Guidance
      Campus visits can be an important part of selecting a school. We provide guidance on what schools to visit, the best time to go, specific activities to accomplish and how to evaluate the overall experience.
      Social Media Guidance
      Admissions officers may review applicants using social media. Contrary to popular belief, you do not want to hide from this. In fact, when used right, social media can be a major positive addition to your application. We help you optimize appropriate social media accounts to support your application
      Application Completion Guidance
      Navigating the submission of transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation via the Standard Application Online and other websites can be complex and time consuming.We create a customized admission-planning calendar that includes the optimal dates for completion of all application requirements. We provide ongoing guidance from Day 1 through the submission of all applications to keep you organized, ahead of schedule and with ultimate peace of mind.The final step is to Review and proofread all online applications to ensure that information has been input correctly.
      Athletic Recruitment Guidance
      We provide guidance on how best to generate coach interest including how to produce a recruitment video, and develop letters of interest.
      SSAT Preparation
      We provide a highly effective standardized test preparation program. It includes guidance and explanations on how to answer every type of question correctly and efficiently. It also provides practice tests that are scored with detailed explanations offered for every question. We provide additional essay guidance and evaluation, establish a preparation schedule and monitor each student’s progress.

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