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Insiders Guide to Selective College Admissions

Your Guide to
College Visits

So, you're headed to college?

Here's what you need to know when planning your college visits...

  1. Why go?
  2. When and where to go
  3. What to do before you go
  4. What to do while you're there
  5. How to evaluate

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Why Go
  • Determine the kind of college environment you prefer
  • Decide if you're interested in applying / attending a particular college
  • Demonstrate interest
When to Go
  • Early Visits in grades 9, 10, and first half of 11
  • Formal Visits should begin in the second semester of grade 11 (spring break) and continue throughout the summer
What to Do
Before you go:
  • Register
  • Research
  • Request

We have an extensive checklist of things to do while you're there.