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    Why Your Freshman Should Practice Essay Writing

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    Admission Consultants New York and College Counseling NYCThe written word is a part of our daily life and especially for admission consultants in New York and students. Great writing skills will come across in your admissions essays and increase your chances of getting into college. At the most basic form, writing is a way of interacting with the world. This is the one indisputable characteristic of writing itself, and it only improves with practice. 

    Moreover, it can alter your child’s future if it is implemented at an early age. Writing should be made part of your child’s daily routine, even as early as freshman year.  Just a few hundred words a day could increase their verbal and communication skills which would benefit their high school, college career, and beyond.

    Writing Improves Communication Skills

    Writing is the gateway to expression and communication. The practice of writing boosts both skill and comfort level with revealing and relating their own thoughts and feelings. This becomes increasingly essential as articulate thoughts begin to weigh more as your child ages. Clear, well-spoken thoughts will give the platform to success through public speaking, as it could motivate change and help influence decision making.

    Writing Helps Students Retain Recently Learned Material

    Studies have shown that using a pen and paper helps the brain better retain information. Encouraging students to rewrite what they learned at the end of class is a great way to reinforce material especially at the beginning of SAT prep.

    Writing Helps Organize the Mind

    From after school activities, homework, and socializing, your high school student likely has a lot going on. Through discipline, your child can relax the mind and take their unordered thoughts floating around their head and turn plans into actions, or on the flip side vent their daily frustrations in a healthy manner. Moreover, having a written notebook of experiences and thoughts helps organize and prepare your student for college application essays, as they will already have clear opinions and reflections on their experiences.

    Writing Encourages Imagination and Exploration

    Free or creative writing encourages a creative flow that can help students use their imagination. Moreover, it helps them explore opportunities and delve into problem solving while engaging in storytelling. This permits students to explore vocabulary, concepts, and writing styles that they wouldn’t risk in a formal setting or an assignment that is graded. Finally, it’s essential for students to stand out during the college application process, and a unique and distinct voice within essays can do just that. It's an important note to remember that your student may have an extensive number of college application essays to write, and they require narrative techniques that are not usually taught in school. 

    Writing is Essential for Self-Exploration

    Pressure and change is a constant for high school students. Encourage your child to write blogs, as it can help students understand and make sense of their own experiences, and make discoveries about their own thoughts. This practice is essential, as most SAT and college essays require a lot of analyzation. If good writing skills are not ingrained early, it is hard to score the best on the essay section even with last minute tutoring. Practicing the art of writing as early as possible gives time to teach the student to dig deeply into their learnings and articulate and form concrete opinions. 

    Ultimately essay writing builds skills which are applicable for the rest of your child’s life. It will help them be more verbal, thoughtful, articulate, and analytical. Your teenager should begin practicing their writing skills as early as freshman year to ensure excellence by their senior year. Contact us for a college admissions assistance to put your kid on the right path to success.

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