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Supplemental Services

Supplemental Services (8th -12th Grade)

Athletic Performance Training

Based on your sport specific evaluation we provide customized development services.

SAT / ACT Diagnostic Test

We administer a diagnostic test to determine which test is more suitable for your son or daughter. We explain the differences between the two standardized tests and provide a report with analysis of the results and a recommendation for which test to choose.

SAT / ACT Tutoring

We offer an on-line and personal standardized test preparation program. The on-line platform provides guidance and explanations on how to answer every type of question correctly and efficiently. It also provides practice tests that are scored with detailed explanations offered for every question. We supplement the program by providing additional essay guidance and evaluation, establishing a preparation schedule and monitoring progress to make sure each student stays organized.

Signature Project Development

Your son or daughter's resume can be strengthened by independent reading and research. Signature projects are designed to capitalize on unique interests and passions and turn them into distinguishing activities.

Financial Aid Filing

We can complete the FAFSA and CSS profile on your behalf.