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    I got my acceptance to Tufts University last week which is my dream school and I owe the majority of my success to PCC! My counselor kept me on task throughout the whole process and supported/encouraged me to stay on track. As well as recommending programs to do over the summer to make my resume more impressive and helping me look more well rounded to colleges, she also helped me keep my college options open and not get tunnel vision (regarding my college list on the platform). She also guided me in keeping my expectations realistic. Lastly, I got recruited for fencing and she guided me through the college process and is the sole reason why I reached out to the Tufts Fencing coaches in the first place and was able to get recruited by them! I am extremely grateful to PCC!!

    Alexia N., Student

    Accepted Early Decision to Tufts University

    Thank you so much for all you have done over the past three years. Your guidance and patience helped transform me and my family from clueless and concerned to confident, college ready individuals – and for that I could not be more grateful. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that you put into reading essays and resumes, talking me through the process, and just helping me feel comfortable hitting the “submit” button. I know I wasn’t always the best client and that at times I needed to be helped back on track, which you always accomplished, not by yelling but rather, by encouraging and motivating me. It was always a pleasure being able to talk with you and navigate the vast college landscape. Through minor digressions and sidebars I feel that I gained a true mentor and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ll be sure to keep in touch next year and update you on NYU Stern and all the crazy things that will inevitably happen in the city. Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true and preparing me for the next chapter in life.

    Carter A., Student

    Accepted Early Decision at New York University

    Playing college golf is something our son has wanted to do as long as we can remember. He also has wanted to pursue a quality education at a college that will stretch his mind and set him up for future success. I can say, Princeton College Consulting helped us to do both and I don’t think this would have been possible without them. Our counselor worked closely with our son and guided him through every step of both the application and athletic recruiting process. In the end, among others, our son was recruited to play golf at his top choice, Bates College. We can’t thank Princeton College Consulting enough for all of their help and highly recommend them to anyone looking for help through either the college admissions or athletic recruiting process. Bravo PCC!

    Tony D., Parent

    Accepted Early Decision to Bates College

    Princeton College Consulting is awesome! I cannot thank them enough for all their help. I feel lucky that I was able to have counselors throughout much of high school that were so knowledgeable, supportive and creative.

    Grace D., Student

    Accepted Early Decision to Swarthmore College

    Finding schools that are a great fit for your child can be difficult; charting a course of action to get them there, even more so. Princeton College Consulting helped to remove anxiety from the process, and replaced it with a targeted plan and prescriptive action steps to navigate us through both the college admissions and athletic recruiting process. Our son " bought in" immediately - a real testament to the PCC team. They knew exactly how much he could handle, while taking a full complement of AP classes and playing a competitive sport year-round. It was important to us to stay connected to the process. PCC did a great job accommodating this; every call was either taken or returned and every question comprehensively answered. Most importantly, it's effective - our son will be attending NYU Stern this fall and playing soccer for "the Cats". PCC was a great investment in our family's future - we would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Jason and Traci A., Parent

    Accepted Early Decision at New York University

    We initially hired Princeton College Consulting after working with a New York City based college consulting firm. Our son is an athlete and a high performing student and so we were looking for a firm that could guide us through the athletic recruiting process for football. It didn’t take long for us to discover that the level of support and the depth of knowledge, expertise and the thoroughness of the PCC team far exceeded what we were getting from the other firm with which we had been working. I am happy to say that our son was admitted to Yale University and will be playing football for the Bull Dogs. Thank you to the PCC team. We couldn’t have done it without them.

    Avery S., Parent

    Accepted to Williams College and Early Action at Yale University

    When it was time for our middle child, a scholar athlete who also excels in vocal performance; once again, PCC brought their expertise, this time to the vocal arena, helping her to evaluate the musical opportunities from conservatories to universities, submit performances and ancillary materials along with her academic portfolio, while all the while helping her to channel her creative energies and writing talents into an application profile that allowed her to gain early decision admission to the Ivy League university she desired. Even as he worked independently with our girls, our counselor was always readily available to discuss anything with us, and we were allowed to be as involved in the process as we liked.  The teaching and advice he gave to our daughters was invaluable. 

    Allison E., Parent

    Accepted to Princeton University (Restricted EA), Harvard University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Penn State, Haverford College

    We met PCC when our eldest daughter was a freshman in high school, as we were looking for guidance to help navigate our student athlete through her tennis and academic terrain. PCC developed a meticulous plan of action for her that included drills to work on her weakest areas, specified ways to think about scheduling tournaments, and detailed the recruiting process she would subsequently undergo.  That plan also included a comprehensive analysis of the college application process, and how they would move forward on helping her to determine what she wanted from her college education, and where to find it. took time to genuinely get to know her, to identify her unique talents, and get her to think about her future in a nuanced manner.  They embarked on a routine of regular meetings and assignments designed to raise questions, and compel her to provide written responses that over time, honed her writing skills and focused her thinking.  They also considered her optimal course curriculum for each semester of high school, and prepped and scheduled all necessary standardized tests.  Their work culminated in an application portfolio and profile that allowed her to thoughtfully engage with a variety of colleges.  It was remarkable to watch our daughter work independently with her counselor over that time, and ultimately gain early decision admission to one of the most selective small liberal arts colleges in the country, where she also plays on the varsity tennis team.

    Michael D., Parent

    Accepted Early Decision to Swarthmore College

    I hired Princeton College Consulting to help my son, a high school senior, go through both the recruitment and application process. They got right to it and had my son on track immediately. He started his essay and had it completed within two weeks (when I read it I was pleasantly surprised). They helped us understand the schools where he was the best fit athletically and academically and go through the process of getting on those coach’s radar. He was recruited and accepted to his first three choices including Trinity which we would not have thought about without them. I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting to anyone who has a child, athlete or not, who is going to go to college. I know they eased MY stress during the year which was great. I didn’t have to worry if my son was communicating with all the coaches or finishing his applications. I wish we hired them earlier.

    Tom T., Parent

    Accepted to Trinity University

    We hired Princeton College Consulting to work with our daughter to guide her through both the college admissions and athletic recruiting processes. Their team was always there for us whenever we needed advice and I can say without a doubt, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the process, the PCC team kept us organized, on track and stress free throughout the entire process. In the end, Ally was recruited to play hockey for Wesleyan and we are grateful to PCC in helping Ally to realize her dream. I can’t thank them enough!

    Yvette K., Parent

    Accepted Early Decision at Wesleyan University