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College Admissions

College Admissions / Recruitment Package (8th -12th Grade)

Princeton College Consulitng Provides College Admissions Recruitment Guidance And Assistance To Maximize The Probability Of Your Student Athlete Earning Admission, Recruitment And Merit Scholarships At Top Choice Colleges.

Getting Started

After fully understanding your interests and goals and conducting a sport specific evaluation we do a thorough review and analysis of your son or daughter's transcripts, standardized test scores, extra-curricular activities and personal history to establish his or her current and potential *College Admissions Index©.

*The College Admissions Index© is our proprietary assessment tool that tracks 11 elements of a college application and yields a student’s estimated percentage probability of earning admission to any particular college.

Building Your College List

Using the College Admissions Index© we identify an initial list of colleges that may be a good “Match” and “Fit” for your son or daughter. We calculate his or her probability of earning admission / recruitment to the initial list of colleges and classify each as a Dream, Reach, Target or Likely. We then help students research the individual colleges, revise the college list to those that are the best “Match” and “Fit” and provide guidance on how to strategically use the timing of applications to their advantage.

Academic / Extra-Curricular / Summer Enrichment Guidance

Based on student interests, goals, and preferences we make college admissions recruitment recommendations for high school (and college) courses, standardized tests, co-curricular activities and contests as well as volunteer and paid work experience that will impress admissions committees.

Your College Visitations

We provide guidance for getting the most out of college visits including when to go, key activities to accomplish while you're there, and how to evaluate the experience.

Your Application Essays

We help students brainstorm, revise and edit compelling essays to impress admissions officers.

Preparing For Your Interview

We coach your son or daughter on the types of questions to expect, how to articulate effective answers and develop meaningful questions to ask interviewers. We then conduct mock interviews for students to practice.

Letters of Recommendation Guidance

We coach and assist students through the most effective process for them to receive the strongest letters possible.

College Coach Outreach

After observing your student athlete under competitive conditions and producing a recruiting video as well as supporting materials, we initiate contact with coaches.

Application Completion Plan / Review

We provide a customized college admissions planning calendar including the optimal dates for completion of all activities to help your son or daughter stay organized, on schedule and minimize stress. We also proofread all online applications to ensure that information has been entered correctly.