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Grad School Admissions Calculator and Admissions Consultants New York

Graduate School

Counseling Services


We are prepared to begin working with students at any point in the planning and application process to Medical, Law, Business or other graduate programs. We customize services to meet your needs and goals.


The Graduate School Package includes assistance with personal statements and other essays, Resume/CV completion guidance, help securing the best letters of recommendation, interview preparation, school visitation guidance, standardized test preparation, how to use social media to your advantage and application completion guidance.

Service Descriptions

Profile Analysis

After fully understanding your interests and goals we do a thorough review and analysis of transcripts, standardized test scores, extra-curricular activities and personal history.

Graduate School List Development

We identify an initial list of graduate schools that may be a good “Match” and “Fit.” Match refers to schools that have the attributes that interest you most. Fit refers to how schools will perceive your application.

We help you research the individual programs, understand their main and more subtle differences and revise the list to those that are the best match and fit for you.

Essay Completion Guidance

Personal Statements and other essays provide an opportunity to highlight your intellectual interests, career plans and writing ability. We help develop, revise and edit essays that reflect your best self, without regard to number of drafts it requires.

Letters of Recommendation Guidance

Letters of recommendation can further personalize an applicant. Unfortunately many letters of recommendation are unremarkable. Obtaining the most helpful letters of recommendation is more involved than just asking for them. We provide guidance on how to obtain the strongest letters possible.

Interview Preparation Guidance

Graduate School admission Interviews provide an opportunity to strengthen and confirm your application. The interview report can function as a letter of recommendation and give admission committees another chance to know and understand an applicant. To prepare for successful interviews, we provide guidance on the types of questions to expect, how to formulate effective answers and how to ask insightful questions. We conduct a mock interview to practice.

Digital Media Guidance

Admissions officers may review your online persona. Contrary to popular belief, you do not want to hide from this. In fact, when used right, your digital footprint can be a major positive addition to your application. We help you optimize appropriate social media accounts to support your application.

Application Completion Guidance

Navigating the submission of transcripts, test scores and letters of recommendation can be complex and time consuming.

We create a customized admission planning calendar that includes the optimal dates for completion of all application requirements. We provide ongoing guidance from Day 1 through the submission of all applications to keep you organized, ahead of schedule and with ultimate peace of mind.

The final step is to Review and proofread all online applications to ensure that information has been input correctly.

Supplemental Service Descriptions

MCAT / LSAT / GMAT / GRE Preparation

We provide a highly effective standardized test preparation program. It includes guidance and explanations on how to answer every type of question correctly and efficiently. It also provides practice tests that are scored with detailed explanations offered for every question. We provide additional essay guidance and evaluation, establish a preparation schedule and monitor each student’s progress.