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    It was very difficult finding a college consulting service that was catered toward graduate degrees that were not MBAs. It was nerve racking putting my trust in this consulting company because they weren’t local (I lived in Nashville when I chose PCC) and there weren’t that many reviews on Google/Yelp. In hindsight, I think I chose it because the initial meeting I had with Kim was promising. Additionally, I thought working with a company out of state/in a different time zone would be difficult, but it was totally fine and didn’t hinder the process of getting things done at all.

    L.A., Student

    Accepted to University of Denver

    Working with Peter Tilles on my MBA journey has been an extraordinary experience that I cannot recommend highly enough. Peter's expertise and dedication transformed not only my college essays and interview techniques but also profoundly influenced my perspective on life. His ability to distill complex ideas into clear, impactful messages made the daunting application process very manageable. His insights were invaluable, his encouragement unwavering, and his approach, both professional and deeply personal. Thanks to Peter, I approached each application with confidence and a sense of purpose. For anyone seeking a guide through the intricate path of MBA admissions, Peter's mentorship is an indispensable asset.

    P. Nagraj, Student

    Accepted at Carnegie Mellon

    Princeton College Consulting (PCC) has had a profoundly positive impact on our children's education and personal growth. The comprehensive support they provided, extending beyond just college admissions but also into personal development, problem-solving, and real-life skills, is truly commendable. It's wonderful to hear how they not only helped our children gain admission to prestigious universities like the University of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon but also prepared them for the challenges of adult life. We're incredibly grateful for their help and highly recommend their services. Peter is AMAZING!!!

    Dipti N., Parent

    Accepted at Carnegie Mellon, Boston University, Northeastern, Boston College

    I did not have a good experience with the high school guidance counselor for my daughter, and I wanted to get professional guidance when it came time for my son to apply to college. I contacted Princeton College Consulting and I received a call back promptly. We had a very nice, long discussion about my son and I was impressed right off the bat. My husband and I then met with the counselor and again we were very impressed with what he could offer us. I can’t say enough good things about working with PCC; they are responsive, professional, knowledgeable and caring. My son was admitted to his first choice college, and received several merit scholarship offers from other colleges.

    Phoebe W., Parent

    Admitted to Emory University (Law School)

    My PCC counselor made me comfortable with the graduate school admissions process and helped me put my best foot forward.

    S. Wu, Student

    Accepted to Stanford University

    Incredible experience. My advisor was absolutely helpful and supportive for this entire experience. She created a safe environment for me to talk about my struggles with this application process, and was a liferaft during this really, really stressful time. She supported my decision to change one one of my essays to be much more personal and vulnerable; and ultimately, I think that made a huge positive impact on my admission decision. My essays sounded perfect after she edited them, and she was knowledgeable on what admissions wanted to see in an essay. This was extremely relieving, because I did not know anyone who wanted to get their Psy.D or Ph.D. who could’ve given me some pointers. She let me know what to change about my recommendation letters. She made my CV pop much more than it was before and made my achievements stand out more in the CV than otherwise previously been.

    L.A., Student

    Accepted to University of Denver (PsyD program)

    I was so happy with my experience with my son that PCC is now helping my daughter with her law school applications. Coming right out of college, she has already gotten two top law school offers with merit scholarships. In short, PCC is a great investment in your child’s future.

    Phoebe W., Parent

    Accepted to Emory University (Law School) and Tulane University (Law School)