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Ace the
Admission Process

We are prepared to begin working with students in grades 8-12 as well as college transfer students at any point in the planning and application process.


How Can
Princeton College Consulting Help?

Student Profile Analysis
  • After fully understanding your interests, goals and preferences, we analyze transcripts, standardized test scores, extra-curricular resume and personal history.
Customized Admissions Plan
  • We establish your current and potential College Admissions Index© (CAI). The CAI is a holistic assessment tool that uses 11 distinct and interrelated elements of a college application and yields a student’s estimated probability of earning admission to specific colleges. We then deliver a 15-page strategic action plan.
Academic Guidance
  • Based on your interests, goals, and performance, we make recommendations for high school coursework.
Extra-Curricular Guidance
  • We'll provide recommendations for co-curricular activities and competitions, volunteer/service opportunities, paid work, athletics, and how to make your experiences most impactful.
Summer Enrichment Guidance
  • We craft recommendations for pre-college programs, internships, independent reading and research, and other ways to explore and develop interests.
Early Guidance
  • This includes setting S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic, Time-bound), monitoring and evaluating progress, expanding a special interest or activity, supporting writing skills development, and providing encouragement through scheduled monthly meetings and informal access to your counselor.
Standardized Testing Strategy
  • Recommendations for what tests to take, when to take them and how to prepare for them. Includes full length SAT and ACT diagnostic tests with detailed reports and guidance on score reporting options as appropriate.
College List Review
  • Using the list you provide we calculate the probability of earning admission and classify each college as a Dream, Reach, Target or Likely.
College List Development
  • We identify an initial list of colleges that may be a good “Match” and “Fit.” Match refers to colleges that have the attributes that interest you and your family most. Fit refers to how colleges will perceive your application.
  • We calculate the probability of earning admission to the initial list of colleges and classify each as a Dream, Reach, Target or Likely. We help students research the individual colleges, understand their main and more subtle differences and revise the list to those that are the best match and fit for them.
  • Additionally, you receive guidance on the difference between applying “Early Decision,” Early Action,” or “Regular Decision” and how to strategically use the timing of applications to your advantage.
Resume / Activity Sheet Completion Guidance
  • How an extra-curricular resume is presented can be as important as the activities and accomplishments it lists. We advise what activities and honors to include and how to best explain them on a resume or the “Activity Sheet” portion of your application.
Application Essay Guidance
  • Application essays provide an opportunity to highlight your character, unique perspective, intellectual interests and writing ability. In addition to your personal statement, most selective colleges require their own supplemental essay(s). We help each student develop, revise and edit compelling essays.
College Visit Guidance
  • We provide guidance on what colleges to visit, the best time to go, specific activities to accomplish and how to evaluate the overall experience.
Interview Preparation
  • To prepare for successful on-campus or alumni interviews, we provide guidance on the types of questions to expect, how to formulate effective answers and how to ask insightful questions.
Letters of Recommendation Guidance
  • Obtaining the most effective letters requires strategic selection of recommenders, and submitting carefully written request materials. We provide guidance to obtain the strongest letters possible.
Admitted Student Case Studies
  • We provide the complete applications files of 5 students admitted to an Ivy League College for review and analysis with you.
Application Completion Guidance
  • Multiple college application systems and various high school policies can make the completion and submission of applications complex.
  • We provide ongoing guidance from Day 1 through the submission of all applications to help keep students organized and on-schedule. Included is a customized college admission planning calendar with the optimal dates for completion of all application requirements.
  • The final step is to review and proofread all on line applications to ensure that information has been entered strategically and correctly.
Athletic Recruitment Guidance
  • We identify colleges where you have the potential to be a recruited athlete and work with you to assemble your recruitment package that includes an academic and athletic resume, recruitment video, letters of interest, and recruiting questionnaires. We provide guidance on how best to contact coaches to generate interest.
  • We also provide guidance on NCAA recruiting rules and regulations and what coaches typically look for in athletic prospects. We prepare you for interviews with college coaches as well as navigating the NCAA Eligibility Center process.
Arts Portfolio Guidance
  • When applying to programs for Fine Arts, Fashion, Film, Design, Architecture, Music, Theatre, Dance and other related areas, many colleges require portfolio submissions. We will navigate you through all phases of creating a compelling portfolio or preparing for an audition that will portray your best work in the right way.
Signature Project Guidance
  • We guide students through a major independent project designed for personal development and distinction in the college admissions process. Projects take place over the course of 1-4 years and can begin as early as 8th grade.
  • Past projects have included college level STEM, humanities and social science research. We have also helped students found businesses, initiate civic actions, produce original films and complete art portfolios and engineering projects.
SAT / ACT / Subject Matter Tutoring
  • We offer a variety of exceptional and proven test preparation solutions.
Additional Admitted Student Applications
  • We provide the complete applications files of students admitted to your choice of colleges for review and analysis with you.
Concierge Custom Campus Tours
  • We arrange one-to-one personal tours, with a student in your area of interest to provide a real-life experience. Your personal guide leads you behind-the-scenes to their dorms, classes, and clubs they are involved with. For students who do not visit a campus, one-to-one conversations can be arranged via Skype.

We Work With You At
Any Stage
of Your Journey

Our concierge counseling services drive results through unparalleled personal attention and detail-oriented processes.

  • Strategic Admissions Consultation
  • Comprehensive Package
  • Hourly Consulting
  • Pre-Submission Application Review
Strategic Admissions Consultation

Strategic Admissions Consultation

The Starting Point for all 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. You will gain a thorough understanding of all the moving parts and complexities of the selective.

Comprehensive Package

Comprehensive Package

Assistance completing the entire college admission process to maximize the probability of admission to top choice colleges without hourly limitations.

Hourly Consulting

Hourly Consulting

Guidance and assistance with the college admissions process on an hourly basis. Minimum 3 hours. Packages available for blocks of 15 or 30 hours.

Pre-Submission Application Review

Pre-Submission Application Review

Using a three consultant panel, we'll review the common application and one supplemental application, identify red flags and problematic content, make recommendations for improvement, and give you a summary report.


What Are My Chances?

Find out where you stand with our College Admissions Index© Calculator. This calculator will produce your College Admissions Index© on a 0-10 scale and an estimated corresponding probability of admission to a selected college. We'll email your results to you immediately!

Calculate My Chances
College student writing why this college essay

The Savvy Applicant

Your Insider's Guide To Selective College Admissions

Selective colleges receive thousands of applications and use a complex system to rank applicants and ensure they create an interesting and diverse class.

Our Savvy Applicant Guide walks you through the 11 distinct criteria top colleges turn to when reviewing applicants. Get the guide and understand how to impress your ideal college!

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What People Are Saying

Very Helpful and 100% Satisfied

My PCC counselor was extremely dedicated, amiable and insightful. An amazing counselor and team, I would recommend PCC to anyone considering a professional college consultant (10/10). I don’t think I would have made it through the process with the results that I have today without their help.

Chris Admitted to Amherst, UChicago, St. John’s College (Presidential Scholarship)

I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting

I primarily wanted help with my college essays, but my PCC counselor did more than that. He strengthened my entire application to become very presentable before any college admissions committee. He worked with me around the clock, and made himself available whenever I needed him. If I was not a PCC client, I would not be attending one of my top-choice colleges in the Fall and my essays and application would be sub-par. All in all, I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting because working with them will indefinitely increase your odds at attending your dream school.

A. Gangwani Attending the University of Michigan

Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true

Thank you so much for all you have done over the past three years. Your guidance and patience helped transform me and my family from clueless and concerned to confident, college ready individuals – and for that I could not be more grateful. I truly appreciate all the time and effort that you put into reading essays and resumes, talking me through the process, and just helping me feel comfortable hitting the “submit” button. I know I wasn’t always the best client and that at times I needed to be helped back on track, which you always accomplished, not by yelling but rather, by encouraging and motivating me. It was always a pleasure being able to talk with you and navigate the vast college landscape. Through minor digressions and sidebars I feel that I gained a true mentor and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’ll be sure to keep in touch next year and update you on NYU Stern and all the crazy things that will inevitably happen in the city.

Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true and preparing me for the next chapter in life.

Carter A. Student Attending NYU Stern

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