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Sophie McCorkle College Admissions Counselor


Admissions Counselor

Sophie is a consummate educator that has helped hundreds of students successfully navigate the selective college admissions process. After beginning her career teaching history, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree from NYU, and graduate certificate in college advising from Columbia University.

Understanding all the complexity of the admissions process and the stresses it can cause, Sophie mentors students with both empathy and a sense of ambition. She believes in a strategic approach that is supportive, but also pushes students to think and perform beyond their comfort zone. After working as a school counselor in New York and Philadelphia, Sophie enjoys the depth of attention she can provide students and their families as a PCC counselor.

In order to provide the most up to date information Sophie maintains membership in the National Association of College Admissions Counseling and continually travels to colleges to speak with admissions officers and “feel the vibe” on campus. Outside the office Sophie spends her time coaching and playing basketball, traveling with her husband, working towards fluency in Spanish and Arabic, and spending time with her Italian Greyhound puppy, Dobby.


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