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Luisa Duarte Silva College Admissions Counselor


Admissions Counselor

Luisa has been advising domestic and international students on the college preparation and application process for 8 years. In addition to her in-depth knowledge of the process and how to strategically structure opportunities for high-achieving students to develop their character, she brings a passion for imparting the love of learning and believes in the power of encouragement.

Luisa comes to Princeton College Consulting after 19 years at Princeton University in multiple professorial and advisory roles, including managing admissions to international programs and as an athletic faculty fellow. A graduate of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, Luisa received her Ph.D. in Spanish Language and Literature from the City University of New York. She also earned a Certificate in Conference Translation from Georgetown University, where she has served on the Alumni Admission Committee.

A true linguist, Luisa is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French, with working knowledge of German and Italian. She has also previously taught and counseled students at the Pingry School, worked as an interpreter in the United Nations, and served as executive director of the LUSO-American Business Council where she advised diplomats and executives from companies such as Lockheed Martin, IBM, and Pfizer.

In addition to volunteering for NGOs that assist underprivileged students applying to US colleges from Africa and Asia, in her off hours Luisa enjoys surfing, running and skiing.


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