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July 25, 2021

2 Minutes Read

Hi friends,

Greetings from Montreal!

While Canada has been closed to travelers for quite some time (I was only able to be here because my fiancé is Canadian), it has a few colleges that are worth a serious look.

Here in Montreal, McGill University is one where nearly a third of students are international. Prepare to pay more than Canadian citizens, but it could still be less expensive than many colleges in the US. 



✍️The summer cohort of Write Your Way Into College (class of 2022) is off to a great start. In the next couple of days, Peter and I will have 1-to-1 coaching sessions with each student in the course. We'll help them finalize their topic and theme combinations so they can write their first drafts with confidence. The final cohort for the class of 2022 will start in September. 


🚀The next College Admissions Launchpad (class of 2023 and 2024) will be August 7. Hosted by Peter and myself, this intensive virtual workshop teaches students (and families) how to create an overarching strategy from which to approach each element of the college preparation and application process.



🤔Lord of the Rankings


Malcolm Gladwell is well known for his books like The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers—where he popularized the 10,000 hour rule for becoming an elite performer in activities like playing the guitar or coding. He is an excellent storyteller and I often recommend reading his books to intellectually curious students. 

Today, I want to highlight an episode of his podcast that deconstructs the "methodology" for the US News college rankings.

Creating a list of the right 10-15 colleges is one of the foundational aspects of your admissions process. Gladwell will help you understand how and why the rankings—created as a marketing ploy for a struggling magazine in the 1980s—can be misleading. 

In a revealing example, he uncovers how one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country was ranked over 50 spots lower than it probably deserved. The point is that prestige can be a factor in choosing your college (it's true that a diploma from certain schools can help open certain doors), but savvy students always dig a little deeper. 

It's a fascinating 30-minute show and may help you use data to re-rank your college options based on what's most important to you. Check it outLord of the Rankings



A few more things...

  • 💉Vaccination RequiredA federal judge recently upheld Indiana University's policy of requiring all students and faculty to get a covid-19 vaccination. An appeal will certainly come soon, but we don't expect the result to change. There are now over 500 colleges planning to require vaccination this fall (see the full list), but your school's policy could depend on whether it is in a Democratic or Republican led state. Read more about the controversy.

  • 🏦CEOs Made Here: As I alluded to above, there are a few Wall Street investment banks and management consulting firms that tend to recruit heavily at a handful of highly selective schools. Having said that, CEOs of fortune 500 companies have attended a large variety of colleges. Check out the list of where they went (excluding dropouts—lookin at you Zuckerberg!). 
  • ✍️The "Why Us" EssayShakespeare would have creative reasons why he had to attend his beloved school and you should too. Forget the weather or football team— things that could be found at many schools—and focus on the unique aspects of a particular school that will allow you to thrive while there and set you up for success long afterwardPeter and I will be hosting a webinar on this next month. It's exclusive to students in the Premier Version of Write Your Way Into College, but you can get a few great tips in this 2 min video


Remember that no matter which college essay you're writing, the AO reading it has seen hundreds, if not thousands, others. Be sure you use one of the techniques below to hook them right from the start!

Hook the Reader